Thampipillay 1939 – 1941 Closed 1941 – 1945 War Period of time 1946 – 1953 Closed 1953 – 1954 William C. Cleine 1954 – 1956 Donald Priestley 1956 – 1957 Paul Chang 1957 – 1957 Razak Khan 1957 – 1961 Ong Choon Ghee 1961 – 1961 A.

E. Navarasingam 1961 – 1968 Wong Ah Fatt 968 – 1979 P. Nadarajah 1979 – 1988 Victor Wong 1988 – 1990 Abdul Razak Mohammed 1990 – 1999 Ismail Sajad 1999 – 2001 Han Seng Kuang 2001 – 2006 Loy Liang Dee 2006 – 2006 Azmah BT Rajion 2006 – 2007 Datin Khairiah Abd Majid 2007 – Prst Datin Zainab Bee Bte. Ismail [edit] European Headmistresses 1922 – 1923 Annie Grenier 1923 – 1924 J.

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H. Dennett 1924 – 1926 Edith L. Earnshaw 1926 – 1927 D.

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A. Peck 1927 – 1928 Helen D.

Leith 1928 – 1929 Agnes R. Cooke 1929 – 1933 Nellie F. Careless [edit] University structures The faculty at first is composed of two blocks, the present working day most important block and the gymnasium block, which is now the library. The style and design and attributes of the two blocks is standard of the colonial era buildings bearing some similarities with the Malayan Railway station and Sultan Abdul Saman properties,rnOur editors will aid you take care of any mistakes and get an A !rnWe will send an essay sample to you in 2 Several hours. If you need assist speedier you can often use our custom how to write a thesis writing provider.

rnrnWhat are the essential details for chapter one. 1?rnThe 5 points that each supervisor should have are Fealty, charity, prudence, accountability, and Fairness.

How the global overall economy results on executives’ moral specifications. Some of the major companies violate the right of staff. Lack of have faith in mainly because of the destructive moral specifications amount, menace the capitalism.

Five advices for an MBA pupil «assuming». rnWhat did I study? I realized that, administrators need to embrace the obligations of stewardship by the adhering to: Viewing the talents and treasure anyone’s command as a belief rather than as the suggests for personalized intention. – Be able to put the issues of teamwork before my very own. – Being responsible to protected the organization’s foreseeable future. – Feeling of duty in direction of any challenges in the organization. – Generally be guaranteed that all the monetary and ethical benefits are taken by however deserves it.

– As citizens and buyers, we need to do what ever we can to make sure that when governors or the members of the board of any corporation have a meeting our problems and fears exist in their list of dissection. If I want to boost my stewardship in my business enterprise daily life, the up coming technique shall support me with that: My corporation as my widowed mother, my manager as if he was my older sibling, my staff as if they ended up my childhood chums, my company’s main shoppers as if they are my youngsters, and consider that my walking to get the job done is since I want to, and not for the reason that I have to. How will I implement the expertise? No issue what is my possession, I have to be a liable steward. I will treat my staff members based mostly on how they will advantage the corporation, not since of how they will gain me.

Also as I assume from my workforce to set the organization’s objectives ahead of their personal targets, as a chief my accountability is to give first precedence to the organizational aims than my employee’s aims, following that I can proceed to my goals. As the leader of my business, I will seek out to secure my company’s long run, as effectively as the employees’ long term career with the enterprise. I will be ready to do that by reassessing my company’s SWOT assessment and determine out how to increase the firm profits, and improve equally employee fulfillment and buyer assistance, so that I get the place my corporation wants to be. That will not be ample without the need of making an at the very least 5-12 months plan, different plans and rescue designs. In present-day Company planet, complications at operate are typically seen, no matter if it truly is for the reason that of the firm’s performance or about the personnel.